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Akrona Aesthetics is Ireland’s leading Alternative Aesthetics clinic located in the heart of Georgian Dublin adjacent to historic Fitzwilliam Square. Based upon a successful, proven clinical model pioneered by our clinical director a well known celebrity dermatologist doctor who has been setting gold standards in this field since 2007, we offer a unique range of scientifically based natural methods and solutions at our location. For skincare we offer unique non-invasive treatments, cutting edge solutions for anti-ageing , wrinkles and acne with many other facial aesthetic solutions including a range of highly effective natural skincare products developed in-house. For teeth, we provide an exclusive and effective natural whitening method as an alternative to hydrogen peroxide


A growing number of women and men are seeking a natural alternative to botox, injectibles and fillers for a more natural look which can produce a vibrant, youthful appearance for your skin whilst being better for your skin and well being long term. We accomplish this by combining 25 years of experience in the health and beauty field with brand new to Ireland state of the art technology from South Korea. We pride ourselves in providing real results that are safe, affordable and based on natural , organic methods/products. At Akrona Aesthetics we value our clientele and aim to deliver a high value customer experience with a friendly and professional style. You will be pampered within our luxurious and private consulting rooms at a convenient city centre location with on street parking.

Our Skills

Spa Body Treatments
Range of Skincare Products
Teeth Whitening
Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy
Ayurvedic Treatments

Dublin’s Best Aesthetic’s Clinic

At Akrona we pride ourselves on offering the best medical grade skincare treatments and spa treatments. Using state of the art equipment to deliver a first class service with outstanding results. Akrona has helped thousands of clients to improve the look of their skin with non surgical treatments.