Natural Teeth Whitening Megawhite

Get up to 10 shades Whiter Naturally in only 15mins

Megawhite teeth whitenig offers express teeth whitening with state of the art technology combined with a worldwide exclusive teeth whitening formula without hydrogen peroxide. It guarantees and pain free treatment with zero sensitivity and no damage to enamel.

Leave with a celebrity white smile in 15 mins perfect to pop in on your lunch break. Megawhite was founded in 2003 by leading Scottish Entrepreneur Bryan Christie. They are the number 1 teeth whitening provider in Scotland.  Megawhite is now available on Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin. Our 15 mins laser teeth whitening is recommended by dentists worldwide.

Megawhite is a non peroxide, 15 min laser teeth whitening system that provide immediate results for it’s clients. There is no damage to enamel and the treatment itself is pain free. Megawhite is highly affordable and lasts up to 4 months.

Megawhite has a unique patented world wide exclusive whitening gel so no other whitening product can compare. The unique ingredients combine with advanced blue light technology producing the fastest acting laser teeth whitening available.

Megawhite is favoured by celebrity’s worldwide and TV stars from the only way is Essex and is endorsed by Miss World finalists. It’s recommended by top dentists worldwide and is celebrity endorsed.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average we whiten teeth 4-5 shades whiter. Results will vary between each client some can go up to 10 shades whiter. Homecare is important to maintain healthy white teeth.

Megawhite has a 100% painfree gaurantee.

The main ingredient in the whitening formula is sodium bicarbonate. It goes deep into the pores of the teeth called the dentin layer and oxidises the molecule that make teeth appear yellow and stained.

Before and After Photo’s of our clients

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